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LINKES gets its name from 'Lincoln Avenue' and 'Kestrel Road' - the streets which surround the multi-storey flats where we are based.  We are a community-led group – LINKES was started by and is governed by local people.  

Our charitable purpose is to provide opportunities for learning and well-being and to utilise our community facilities for the benefit of the community.  

We take a community development approach to our work, which means that we aim to engage with people in the community and to try to ensure that our services meet their needs and that people have the opportunity to become involved in our organisation.


We provide a vibrant programme of weekly groups and learning opportunities for all members of the community, including children and young people, women and men, and older people.  We also provide information and help to signpost people to other local services and organisation. Our work promotes integration and we coordinate a number of events throughout the year to bring people together,  such as our annual Fun Day.


If you are interested in getting involved either by participating in one of our groups volunteering or being on our Board, then please get in touch.

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